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MECO has awarded Kawela Plantation's Solar Project 250kWs of
capacity in the first phase of their Community solar pilot project which is
calld CBRE (Community Based Renewable Energy). At present,
Neighborhood Power and KPHA are looking for the most cost effective
location for the build close to the MECO grid.

2. Just F.Y.I...
Sally Wise, homeowner of Lot 56 would like to introduce homeowners
to an app she is using and really loves. It's used to help control water
usage and is called "B-hyve." This app allows you to convert your hose
faucet into smart watering that can be controlled via Wi-Fi from
anywhere in the world. B-hyve lets you control a standard hose faucet
from your smartphone. B-hyve states it's "Simple to setup, simple to
operate, and simple to save."

Go to Bhyve for more information.