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Historic Sites Policy


The term "Historic Site" is defined in the KPHA DC & R's and essentially means those sites on the common ground for which there is a documented easement that is registered as a national and/or state historic site.

It is the responsibility of KPHA to "maintain the fences surrounding the Historic Sites and take such actions as it deems necessary to preserve the Historic Sites" according to Section 5.04(k) of the DC & R's. Based on this responsibility the Board adopts the following policy/rules:

1. While the Historic Sites may be visited by members, there are no trails to the sites and there are no other improvements regarding these sites except the fences surrounding certain sites as recommended by a qualified archaeologist.

2. It is the intent of the Board that these sites will remain undisturbed. Nothing shall be moved ore removed on any of these sites except for items for scientific study as approved by the Board.

3. Sites bordering individual lots will not be disturbed by the adjacent lot owners (i.e., no trash or grading materials are to be place on these sites).

4. Sites entirely on an individual lot are defined by easements to the title of the respective lot and are the responsibility of the individual lot owner.

5. Visitors to the sites on common ground will not traverse any individual lot without permission of that lot owner.

6. As KPHA does not have trails and provides no improvements regarding the historic sites, the association assumes no responsibility or liability for those electing to visit the historic sites.

7. Groups or individuals (other than members) desiring to visit the Historic Sites are required to seek permission through the KPHA office and indicate by signature their understanding of these rules, should permission be granted.

Adopted by the Board on: January 16, 2007
Revised by the Board on: November 26, 2018